Powerful features.

In a simple package.

Easy-to-use dashboard

A carefully designed dashboard makes your DMARC implementation easy and enjoyable. We crunch convoluted XML reports and render them into beautiful charts. No more spending countless hours parsing the reports again!

  • Responsive Dashboard
  • Information to Insight
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Progressive Governance

Powerful analytics

View DMARC aggregate data from various dimensions including domain, source, organization, result, etc.

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Safe SPF

SPF allows up to 10 DNS queries upon validation. However, some domains have SPF records requiring 10+ DNS queries, which results in SPF validation failures and deteriorated email delivery. DMARCLY's Safe SPF feature solves this problem perfectly.

  • Precise SPF validation
  • Always update to date
  • Boost email delivery
  • No manual maintenance

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