About deployment Tools

This page contains a collection of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC deployment tools. These deployment tools fall into 2 categories: generators (creators) and checkers (validators).

To generate an SPF record, there is the SPF record generator, or SPF record creator, which takes these mechanisms and qualifiers: mx, a, ip4, ip6, include, and all, and returns an SPF record.

To generate a DMARC record, there is the DMARC generator, or DMARC creator, which takes these tags: p, rua, ruf, sp, adkim, and aspf, and returns a DMARC record.

To test if SPF, DKIM, or DMARC is deployed correctly, use the SPF checker, DKIM checker, or DMARC checker, respectively.

You can also get a report on SPF, DKIM, DMARC via email. Simply send an email message from your domain to check@dmarcly.com, and you will get the report shortly.