Which Domains Send DMARC Forensic (Failure) Reports?

DMARC Forensic Reports Failure Reports

As DMARC forensic (failure) reports leak Personally Identifiable Information (PII), many mainstream ESP's don't send forensic reports nowadays. As a result, you won't see any forensic reports in the DMARCLY dashboard if you don't send emails to any ESP that supports DMARC forensic reports.

Notably, Gmail and Office 365 don't send DMARC forensic reports.

List of domains that send DMARC forensic (failure) reports

Below is an incomplete list of the top domains that have sent DMARC forensic (failure) reports to us in the past:

  • linkedin.com
  • wrike.com
  • laposte.net
  • seznam.cz
  • 163.com
  • emailsrvr.com
  • ing.com
  • clouduss.com
  • vestel.com.tr
  • dar.com
  • kfmc.med.sa
  • bankofsharjah.com
  • bcb.gov.br
  • icicibank.com
  • and more...

If you want to test the forensic report feature of DMARCLY, you can send an unauthenticated email to a mailbox hosted on one of the above domains like linkedin.com, you should see a forensic report appear in the dashboard shortly after.

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