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Use DKIM checker to check if DKIM has been set up correctly for a domain.

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Found DKIM record in DNS:

Tag Value Explanation
v DKIM1 DKIM protocol version.
g * Some organizations assign specific business functions to discrete groups, inside or outside the organization. This key is to authorize that group to sign some mail, but to constrain what signatures they can generate. The DKIM granularity (the 'g=' tag) facilitate this kind of restricted authorization.
h Allowing all algorithms The 'h=' tag provide a list of mechanisms that can be used to produce a digest of message data. ('sha1' or 'sha256' can be used).
n Notes that might be of interest to a human.
s * The 's=' provides a list of service types to which this selector may apply. ('*' and 'email' are used most often)
q dns/txt The 'q=' tag provides for a list of query methods. ('dns' is used most often)
l 0 Body length limits (in the form of the 'l=' tag) are subject to several potential attacks.
k rsa The 'k=' tag provide a list of mechanisms that can be used to decode a DKIM signature. ('rsa' is used most often)
t s The 't=' tag provides a list of flags to modify interpretation of the selector. These DKIM Selector Flags for additional flags are optional. ('y' and 's' are often used)
p Base64 encoded public key.